DIGIPAY CSC Payment System Troubleshoot, and Download

DIGIPAY is an Aadhaar based payment system. CSC DIGIPAY is a simple, secure, and seamless payment gateway. This application is to make a payment, Balance inquiry, Aadhaar Pay, and Cash Deposit. This payment Gateway is for CSC Operator to do their business. DIGIPAY works demographic and biometric/iris information of an individual. So, there is less chance of fraud. This service is currently working on windows and Android-based Laptop/Desktop/Mobile phones.


if you want to download CSC DIGIPAY then you have to download it from below link:

CSC DIGIPAY 3.2 Download

Deposit Decline Refund Troubleshooting

If the deposit transaction gets to decline the balance which is debit from VLEs ledger gets automatically refund in DigiPay balance. To check the refund amounts please follow the below steps:
(i) Open DigiPay and go to the Passbook section.
(ii) Enter the date [Day by Day] and then click on the “Full Sync” option.
(iii) Check the refunded transaction with the same RRN No.

Withdrawal Decline Refund Troubleshooting

If in any case, the withdrawal transactions get a decline, raise tickets in Digital Seva Portal with the details as mentioned below:
(i) RRN No :
(ii) Customer’s Bank name :
(iii) Customer’s Card No.:
(iv) Amount :
(v) Transaction Date :
(vi) VLE CSC ID:
(vii) VLE Mobile No.:
Cash withdrawal transactions that get rejected during the process but amount debited from the customer account will refund back in the customer bank account by his bank in a time set by the bank. Declined transactions are not settled by CSC. However, after getting proper declined transaction details in the ticket we will raise the complaint to the customer bank for refund in the customer account.

VLE has attempted the “Payout Request” and the payout amount is not credited in their DigiPay Registered Bank Account?

This happens when the bank account in DigiPay is incorrect. The amount refunds back in VLEs account Balance within 2-3 working days. Please follow the below steps to update bank details:
(i) Open the application and Go to the Profile section.
(ii) Enter your correct bank account details.
(iii) Authenticate your details by scanning Fingerprint.
(iv) The account details will be updated.

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