Gujarat Any ROR, Anywhere Satbara Gujarat, E-Dhara, and Gujarat Land Records

Gujarat Any ROR is an online land portal that provides details about land records for Gujarat.  The main objective of this website is to provide access to every citizen of Gujarat to know about their land details, name of the landowner, etc. through 7 12 Utara or also called Satbara. Anyror Gujarat can be accessed through the official website In this article, we will provide step by step directions on how to find your 7 12 Land Record in Gujarat.

Gujarat Any RoR @ Anywhere Satbara View Land Record

To view land record in Any RoR website, the following steps you have to follow:

  1. Click on this link and following window will open.Gujarat Any RoR @ Anywhere
  2. There you will see the following three buttons
    1. View Land Records -Rural.
    2. Land Records - Urban.
    3. Revenue Case Data.
  3. Click on "View Land Records -Rural" button. it will take you next screen.Any RoR @ AnyWhere View Land Records Rural Gujarat
  4. Now Select District, Taluka, Village, and Survey Number.
  5. Now it will ask Captcha Code.Any RoR @ AnyWhere Gujarat land record
  6. it will show land records of that survey number.Any RoR @ AnyWhere Gujarat land records print

Here is your anyRoR 7 12/ satbara for your respective land record in Gujarat. Now if you see it provides details like BhuNaksha. Assessment or Tax Payable, Ownership Details, Boja, and other Right Details.

How to download E-Dhara Forms?

Click on this link

How to download Jantri in Gujarat?

Click on this link

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