IGRS Telangana EC Searchm e challan, and Market Value

IGRS Telangana stands for Integrated Grievance Redressal System. The registration and stamp department government of the state of Telangana has released the IGRS. The website helps people to know the details of the land property, marriage registration, stamp vendors, SRO, cheat fund, etc. In this article, we will go through all the information about IGRS Telangana.

Services of IGRS Telangana

IGRS gives many benefits online portal. The IGRS portal services are as below:

  • IGRS Telangana offers details on the market value of the land property.
  • It also provides the probated property details of the state.
  • You can search encumbrance certificate through IGRS Telangana.
  • It provides e-stamp service.
  • Provide information related to marriage registration, firm, society etc.
  • It also shares the information related to chit funds.
  • IGRS can helpful to search sub-register office.
  • It also gives details about franking services and stamps vendors.
  • The citizen can give their feedback on any services IGRS Portal.

IGRS Telangana Advantages

  • It helps to give all the information online.
  • It also helps to reduce the corruption and schedule and activity as because of transparency facility of IGRS.
  • The citizen can use this portal to give a complaint or feedback on government services.
  • It also helps to reduce manual work, which helps to save time.

How to Search Telangana Property Market Value

If you want to buy or sell your property, then it will be very beneficial for you to know the market value of the land. So you can check the market value of land through the IGRS portal by following the below steps.

  • First of all, Go to the official website of IGRS Portal.igrs telangana market value
  • Now click on the options market value search.
  • Select any of the two options that are non-agricultural rate or agricultural.
  • Provide all the details like village name Mandal and district name.
  • Click on the value option to display details on the screen.Telangana Property Market Value

How to EC Search on IGRS Telangana

EC stands for encumbrance certificate. It gives all the information related to legal, financial, and transaction issue of the property, and this will be very beneficial for buy and selling of property. So to know the EC, you need to follow the below step:

  • First of all, Go to the official website of IGRS Portal.
  • Click on the option encumbrance search.IGRS Telangana EC Search
  • it will show you a message. Read that and Click on Sumit button.
  • Click on the document number or form entry option.
  • Now, Select District, Applicant Name, Seller Name, Date of Registration.
  • After that, property details like property address, site detail, bounded by, and SRO.
  • Enter the details required in the form.
  • After clicking on the submit option will give all the required details.

IGRS Telangana e-Challan or e-Stamp

IGRS also give you the option to buy e-Stamp online on this portal. if you want to apply for e-challan or e-stamp then follow the below procedure:

  • First of all,
  •  Go to the official website of IGRS Portal.
  • Click on the option e-Stamp.IGRS Telangana e challan
  • Now, it will take you the next page.
  • There you will many options like for public, for insurance company, etc.
  • Click on "For Public".
  • Now, it will show you 3 options: Document Registration eChallan, Non-Registration eChallan, and Franking Services eChallan.
  • Click on one of these links.
  • Now, a form will come on your screen.
  • Fill that form and click on Register.

IGRS Android app

Government has also launched the Android app for the IGRS Telangana so that you did not need to open the desktop all the time. You can check all the details from your Android phone with the help of IGRS Telangana app. So download the app by going on the Google play store and enjoy the benefit of IGRS Android app.

IGRS Telangana Helpline Number

If you have any queries or wants to give any feedback related to the services of IGRS, then you can contact in the below contact details.

WhatsApp number: 91212 20272

Toll-free number: 1800 599 4788

Email address: grievance-igrs@igrs.telangana.gov.in

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