MIEWS Vegetable Price Tracking Portal

The food processing ministry of India has developed the MIEWS portal to monitor the information related to the top crops like arrival, areas, prices, import, and export, crop agronomic, etc. This Yojana will control the rate of the commodity of the top three commodities of India. You will get the detail of the MIEWS portal in this article to read it carefully.

Marketing intelligence and early warning system

MIEWS portal is the first of its kind platform food real-time monitoring of the prices of the top three crops in the commodities of India. This scheme starts after the losses rise because of the increase in rates of onion in the market. The TOP vegetables are the potato, tomato, and onion. The portal will give the information of the top such as yield and production, prices, arrivals, imports and exports, crop agronomy, crop calendars, etc. in a secure format.

Features of MIEWS Portal

  • There are many features of MIEWS portal, and some of them are:
  • The dashboard of the water will indicate the low as well as high price alerts with the forecast of prices for three months forward. 
  • The website will show arrivals as well as prices of crops across all over the country. It also includes interactive charts and the comparison of the costs of the previous season.
  • You will get the information about
  • Yield
  • Area
  • Production of TOP crops
  • Trade profile and crop agronomy of each TOP crop will be available on the portal.
  • The user can also view the regular special reports on the market situations.
  • Portal has a public and private section in which prices, areas, production, etc. are accessible for the public. Still, the reports and average price forecast is only available for the policymakers.

MIEWS Portal Benefits

Importances, as well as Benefits of the MIEWS portal, are: 

  • BIS portal will help the government to monitor the supply situation of the timely market intervention.
  • The portal will give the information related to the crops like the tomato, potato, and onion.
  • The portal provides all the detail of TOP crops like production, export, and imports, etc.

Uses of MIEWS portal

  • The portal is under the concerned government authorities to check the TOP prices of the commodities of India. If you want to check the prices of different product your area or regions, then you need to follow the below step: 
  • Go to the MIEWS portal
  • You will get different charts, numbers, graphs, etc. on your screen.
  • You can click any of the commodity of your choice to check the price:
  • Onion
  • Potato
  • Tomato
  • After clicking the options, you will get the charts as well as graphs of your desired crops on your screen.