PMMYV Pradhan Mantri Matritva Vandana Yojana

The Govt of India launched PMMYV or Pradhan Mantri Matritva Vandana Yojana or Pregnancy Aid Yojana in 650 districts in the country. India has more than 60% population under the poverty line. These pregnant women don't have enough money for their nourishment. So, Rs. 5000/- will be given to pregnant women for vaccination expenses, hospital admission fee, and so on.

The government knew the importance of nourishment for under poverty line pregnant women and introduced many schemes and programs to facilitate their health while in pregnancy and make their health better.

About Pradhan Mantri Matritva Vandana Yojana (PMMVY)

This Scheme is a cash transfer scheme for pregnant women. Pregnant women will receive cash in their bank account for their expenses like vaccination expenses, hospital admission fees, and so on. PMMVY scheme is particularly for under the poverty line population.

Cash Transfer Under PMMYV

Under this scheme, Only those women who delivered or about to deliver their baby. Therefore, only these women will get cash allowance in 3 different installation.  Cash will be transfer in their account directly.

S.NoCash Transfer in InstallmentsAmount
1Early Registration of pregnancyRs. 2,000
2After 6 months of pregnancyRs. 2000
3Child Birth is registeredRs. 2000

How to apply for PMMVY

Under this Scheme,  3 different application forms need to submit for each claim installment. Below is the link to download all the PMMVY registration or application forms

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Download PMMVY or Pregnancy Aid Yojana Application Form

The application form contains 6 parts that applicant has to fill time to time  like for 1st claim, 2nd claim, and 3rd claim :
Form 1-A – For registration under PMMVY and claim of 1st Installment
1-B – For a claim of 2nd Installment
Form 1-C – For a claim of 3rd Installment
2-A – Application form for Aadhar seeding of the bank account of the beneficiary
Form 2-B – Application form for Aadhar seeding of post office saving account of the beneficiary
Form 2-C – For Aadhar enrollment and correction

First of all, All Application form should be submitted with required document like Beneficiary's Aadhaar Card, Bank Account which is linked with Aadhaar Card etc. So, All eligible beneficiaries who have applied and complies with the conditionalities will receive payments through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) to their individual Bank/ Post Office Accounts that is specified by them in their application form(s) on approval by the competent authority

PMMYV Eligibility Criteria and Guidelines

To know PMMVY eligibility and guideline please download below pdf where you will get all details there

PMMYV Eligibility Criteria and Guidelines

Is LMP Date mandatory to be provided to claim benefits
under the scheme?

Yes, the LMP Date, as found in the MCP Card is mandatory to claim the 1st and 2nd installment. If LMP Date is not there, the beneficiary is not eligible to claim the 1st and 2nd Instalment and can claim only the 3rd installment provided she fulfills the conditionality for availing the third installment of the scheme.

What if a beneficiary meets the eligibility conditions
of the scheme but has applied late for PMMVY?

The beneficiary can apply for benefits under the PMMVY Scheme within 730 days from LMP date or 460 days from the date of Child Birth.

If a beneficiary has received the first installment in Old MBP Scheme, Is she eligible to apply for PMMVY?

Yes, if a beneficiary has received the first installment in Old MBP Scheme, she is eligible to claim only Instalment 3 provided she fulfills the required eligibility conditions.

Can a beneficiary undergo ANC and delivery in Private hospitals avail the benefit?

Since only government hospitals have the authority to register and update the MCP Card, beneficiary taking services from private hospitals can not avail the benefit of the scheme as MCP card details are mandatory for claiming any installment under PMMVY.

A beneficiary with the LMP date of 4 March 2016 is made ineligible by the system. Why?

If the LMP date is before 1st April 2016, the beneficiary is not eligible for availing maternity benefit under PMMVY

How can a beneficiary avail service if she registers herself with the field functionary after 150 days of LMP?

The beneficiary has to register her pregnancy at the approved health facility within 150 days from the date of LMP which needs to be entered in the MCP Card.

You can all on 011-23382393 at any time of day for any issue regarding PMMYV Scheme.

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