Pradhan Mantri Scholarship Yojana 2019 Online Apply and

Pradhan Mantri Scholarship Yojana is a new initiative of Kendriya Sainik Board, Ministry of Defence. Students can apply online for a scholarship from their home. This scheme especially for encourage higher professional and technical education. This scheme will help to dependent wards and widows of Ex-Servicemen of the army.

Pradhan Mantri Scholarship Yojana Eligibility

The following conditions should match to get the Pradhan Mantri Scholarship:

  •  A dependent ward/widow of Army personnel.
  • The Student must take admission to a higher professional course.
  • The Student must have at least 60% marks in the last exam.
  • The scholarship is not for the wards of civilians including paramilitary personnel.

Pradhan Mantri Scholarship Eligible Course

The Students who have enrolled in the following courses can get Pradhan Mantri Scholarship:

S.No.Course NameDurationS.No.Course NameDuration
1.B.Arch. (all streams)5 years58.BVSc&AH4.5 years
2.BE/BTech (all streams)4 years59.BNYS4.5 years
3.B.Plan.4 years60.BDS4 years
4.BSc (Nautical Technology)4 years61.B Pharma (all streams)4 years
5.BSc (CA and BM)4 years62.B Pharma (Ayurveda)4 years
6.BHM4 years63.Ayurvedacharya4 years
7.BHMCT4 years64.BSc BPT4 years
8.BHTM4 years65.BPO (Prosthetics & Orthotics)4 years
9.BTTM4 years66.B.Optometry4 years
10.BHMTT3 years67.BOT (Occupational Therapy)4 years
11.BSc (HHA)3 years68.BSc MLT (Medical Lab Technology)4 years
12.BBA3 years69.BSc (Nursing)4 years
13.BBM3 years70.BVSc4.5 years
14.BMS3 years71.GNM (General Nursing & Midwifery)3 years
15.BBS3 years72.BRSc (Rehabilitation Science)3 years
16.MBA2 years73.BASLP3 years
17.MFM2 years74.BSc (Physician Assistant)3 years
18.MFT2 years75.BSc (Operation theatre, Anaesthesia Technology)3 years
19.Masters in HRD2 years76.BSc (Medical, Bio-Medical, Biochemistry, Microbiology, etc.)3 years
20.MIB2 years77.BSc (Forensic Science)3 years
21.Masters in Marketing Mgmt.2 years78.BSc (Medical Tech in Radiography)3 years
22.MMS2 years79.BSc (Public Health/ All nutrition programme)3 years
23.MSW2 years80.BSc (Speech & Hearing)3 years
24.BSc (Agriculture)4 years81.BSc (Optometry)3 years
25.BSc (Forestry)4 years82.BSc (Ophthalmic)3 years
26.B.F.Sc.4 years83.BSc (Hons) Family/ Community Science3 years
27.BSc (Sericulture)4 years84.BSc (Audiometry)3 years
28.BSc (Crop Physiology)4 years85.BSc (CPT)3 years
29.BSc (Agri-Marketing)3 years86.BSc (Neuro Technology)3 years
30.BSc (Horticulture)3 years87.BJMC3 years
31.B.Voc. (Food Processing)3 years88.BSc (Media Technology/ Mass Media/ Multimedia/ Animation)3 years
32.BSc (Food Processing Technology)3 years89.B.El.Ed. (Elementary Education)4 years
33.BSc (Applied Life Sciences)3 years90.BPES (Physical Education and Sports)3 years
34.BAAC (all streams)4 years91.BEd2 years
35.BSc (Dairy Technology)3 years92.BPEd2 years
36.BFA4 years93.BEd (Special Education)2 years
37.B.Design4 years94.LLB3 years
38.BPA (Performing Arts)4 years95.BA + LLBLast 3 years
39.BID (Interior Design)4 years96.BCom + LLBLast 3 years
40.BVA (Visual Arts)4 years97.BSc + LLBLast 3 years
41.BFT (Fashion Technology)3 years98.BA + BEdLast 2 years
42.BFD (Fashion Designing)3 years99.BCom + BEdLast 2 years
43.B.Voc (Fashion, Design, Retail)3 years100.BSc + BEdLast 2 years
44.BSc (Fashion/ Textile/ Apparel/ Designing)3 years101.BA + MBALast 2 years
45.BSc (Fashion & Lifestyle Tech.)3 years102.BCom + MBALast 2 years
46.B.Jd&M (Jewellery Design and Management)3 years103.BSc + MBALast 2 years
47.BCA (Computer Application)3 years104.BA/BCom/BSc + BEd Spl. Ed.Last 2 years
48.MCA3 years105.BTech + LLBFirst 4 years
49.BSc (Computer Science, Cyber Forensic, etc.)3 years106.BTech + MTechFirst 4 years
50.BSc (Software Engineering)3 years107.BE + MEFirst 4 years
51.BSc (Electronics)3 years108.BSc (MLT) + MBAFirst 4 years
52.B.Stat (Statistics)3 years109.BBA + LLBFirst 3 years
53.MBBS4.5 years110.BCA + LLBFirst 3 years
54.BAMS4.5 years111.BBA + MBAFirst 3 years
55.BSMS4.5 years112.BCA + MCAFirst 3 years
56.BUMS4.5 years113.BEd + MEd (Spl. Ed.)First 2 years
57.BHMS4.5 years

Pradhan Mantri Scholarship Online Application

To apply for PM Scholarship, follow these steps:

  1. First of all, Visit the official website Pradhan Mantri Scholarship:
  2. Now Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Pradhan Mantri Scholarship Application
  3. Click on the Application link.
  4. It will take you to the next page.
  5. Now click on "for checklist and application for Fresh Scholarship."
  6. It will take you the next page.Pradhan Mantri Scholarship Online Apply
  7. Click on the register button.
  8. it will show a registration form on your screen.Pradhan Mantri Scholarship Online Application Form
  9. Now fill this form with your personal details.
  10. Click on submit
  11. Now you have successfully applied for Pradhan Mantri Scholarship Yojana.

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