Rajasthan Navjaat Suraksha Yojana or Kangaroo Mother Care

The Rajasthan government has launched Navjaat Suraksha Yojana or Kangaroo Mother care SchemeNewborn baby health is a significant concern in India. We are very aware of the health conditions of the Rajasthan state as well as our India. Do you know? In India, many Newborn children died due to severe health conditions on malnutrition because of improper healthcare management of the country. The child died due to inadequate health care. 

Right now, poor people have only government hospitals to treat themselves. The hygiene of people home and hospital are not much good. For mothers and newborn babies, they don't care much because of financial conditions. A newborn baby needs a lot of care and proper nutrition. So, lack of those they died eventually. 

In this article, we are describing this scheme for those newborn babies. We will share all the details like application form, procedure, and benefits the Navjaat Suraksha Yojana.

Rajasthan Navjaat Suraksha scheme

The healthcare conditions of the Rajasthan state are not so good. According to the health survey 2015-16, the infant mortality rate of the Rajasthan state is 35 deaths per thousand live birth. So the government has launched this scheme to improve the infant mortality rate in the Rajasthan state. The main reason for the child's death is malnutrition, which is in almost all newborn babies of the Rajasthan state. If we focus on the health of the child and the infant mortality rate will be decreased.

This scheme is mainly for improving the health condition of malnutrition, premature, and low weight newborn babies. To reduce IMR and MMR, the Nirogi Rajasthan Scheme is already in line. More than 3000 Swasthya Mitras are going to train under Navjaat Suraksha Yojana. These Swasthya Mitras will go to each block of Rajasthan to teach Kangaroo Mother care. The below section will tell you more about this Kangaroo Mother Care.

Kangaroo Mother care

Rajasthan government has taken the initiative for the newborn baby of Rajasthan. The state government training Swasthya Mitras for Kangaroo Mother Care. KMC is also term as Skin to Skin contact. The government has implemented a training center to achieve the kangaroo mother care scheme. Rajasthan ministry of health care works as the nodal agency for Rajasthan Navjaat Suraksha Yojana. This training provides to all the professional healthcare officers of the state. Their duty is to take care of all the newly born children for infants properly. 

The proper health care of the newly born child will decrease the statistics of infant mortality rate in the state. KMC helps to reduce infant death in the Rajasthan state. Under this technique, a newborn baby sticking to the mother's chest. The mother's body heat transfers to the infant baby's body. The temperature change of the infant baby reduces to get the cold fever.

Kangaroo Mother Care FAQ

What is Kangaroo Mother care?

Kangaroo care is, especially for newborn infants. In this technique, the newborn infant sticking to the mother's chest. This contact helps to build a special relationship between the newborn baby and mother. This is also named as Skin to Skin Contact.
Kangaroo Mother care or KMC

What are the benefits of KMC or Kangaroo Mother care?

KMC is a special method for low body weight newborns. This method helps to keep the infant warm so that they don't get the cold fever. KMC also helps to improve breastfeeding and also improve the relationship between mother and newborn baby.

What is Skin To Skin contact in Kangaroo Mother care?

The Mother and baby skin to skin contact is essential. This contact is beneficial when a baby is born. It helps infant baby to get body heat from the mother and also helps in emotional and psychological for both.

Which babies can get Kangaroo Mother care?

KMC is especially effective for those babies who have less than 2.5 kg of body weight. KMC can start right after the birth of the baby.

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Benefits of Navjaat Suraksha Yojana

There are numbers of the benefit of Rajasthan Navjaat Suraksha Yojana as well as Kangaroo mother care initiative, and those are:

  • The kangaroo mother care is the same as putting the child in a warmer. It is also mechanical care, but in reality, it is a humanized care with better results.
  • The Rajasthan resident will get proper healthcare for their newly born child under this scheme
  • This scheme helps to provide better health care conditions in private and government hospitals of Rajasthan.
  • The trained officers of kangaroo mother care initiatives, help provide proper nutrition. This also helps in a financial benefit to the infants and the mother of the newborn child.
  • The Rajasthan government ensures adequate healthcare facilities for all the infants born.

Eligibility criteria

The Government of Rajasthan does not provide any eligibility criteria yet. But in general, the applicant must belong from the Rajasthan state.

The application procedure of Navjaat Suraksha Yojana

The people can register for Rajasthan Navjaat Suraksha Yojana by going on the official website of the Rajasthan government Yojana. The new form of Navjaat Suraksha Yojana will release soon by the government. We will update you as soon as the government releases the notification in their portal.

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