Sabarimala Q Online Booking for Devotees, Virtual Q Booking 2023 at Sabarimalaonline

Sabarimala, located amidst the serene Western Ghats of Kerala, is a famous pilgrimage site that draws millions of devotees annually. The temple venerates Lord Ayyappa and holds immense spiritual significance. To manage the influx of devotees and ensure a seamless pilgrimage experience, the authorities have introduced the Sabarimala Q online booking system. This blog post aims to provide a comprehensive guide to understanding and utilizing the Sabarimala Q online booking facility.

Understanding Sabarimala Q Online Booking

What is Sabarimala Q online booking?

The Kerala Police initiated the Sabarimala Q online booking system to facilitate the hassle-free darshan (viewing) of Lord Ayyappa at the Sabarimala temple. It enables devotees to reserve a specific date and time slot for their visit, minimizing overcrowding and ensuring a more organized pilgrimage.

How does the Sabarimala Q online booking work?

Devotees can access the Sabarimala Q online booking portal and select their preferred date and time slot for darshan. Once confirmed, they receive a virtual queue number, which determines their position in the queue on the day of the visit. This system helps manage the flow of pilgrims and reduces wait times.

Important Details Before Darshan Registration and Booking

  • The Kerala State government and the Travancore Devaswom Board have established strict Covid-19 rules which should be followed despite the reduction in Covid cases.
  • To visit the temple, every visitor should have their Covid-19 vaccinations (2) certificate.
  • One must present an RT-PCR Covid-19 negative certificate before the actual Darshan day (72 hours).
  • Temple authorities advise people with health issues to avoid visiting the temple or take high precautions.
  • Ensure to wear a protective mask, maintain social distance and keep all hygienic rules.
  • Devotees will receive free meals.
  • There are several shower points for devotees to take their bath
  • Pilgrims should bot bath at River Pamba.
  • The temple will accommodate 1000 devotees on weekdays and 2000 on weekends.
  • For any activity, visitors will receive instructions through regular announcements at the temple.

Booking Proces

  1. Visit the official Sabarimala Q online booking website.
  2. Create an account or log in if you already have one.
  3. Select the preferred date and time slot for darshan.
  4. Provide personal details and submit the booking request.
  5. Pay the requisite fee online (if applicable) to confirm the reservation.
  6. Receive a virtual queue number and a confirmation message.

Important Guidelines for Devotees

  1. Plan ahead: Check the availability of slots and book well in advance to secure your preferred date and time for darshan.
  2. Valid ID: Carry a valid photo identification document used during the online booking process, as it will be required at various checkpoints.
  3. Reporting time: Arrive at the designated entry point within the specified reporting time mentioned in your booking confirmation.
  4. Dress code: Adhere to the dress code guidelines prescribed for the temple visit. Men should wear traditional attire, while women are advised to wear modest clothing.
  5. Queue discipline: Follow the instructions of the authorities and maintain orderliness while waiting for your turn in the queue.
  6. Prohibited items: Do not carry any prohibited items such as mobile phones, cameras, or tobacco products. Such items will not be allowed inside the temple premises.
  7. Health precautions: Abide by the COVID-19 guidelines and carry necessary personal protective equipment like masks and sanitizers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is online booking mandatory for Sabarimala darshan? A1. Yes, online booking is mandatory to manage the crowd and ensure a smooth pilgrimage experience. Walk-in darshan without prior booking is not permitted.

Q2. Can I change the date or time of my booking? A2. No, the system does not allow changes once the booking is confirmed. It is advisable to double-check the details before submitting the booking request.

Q3. What if I miss my assigned time slot? A3. Devotees who miss their assigned time slot will not be allowed entry during other time slots on the same day. They would need to book a new slot for a different day.

Q4. Can I cancel my online booking? A4. Yes, you can cancel your booking through the online portal. However, cancellation charges may apply based on the cancellation policy.

Q5. Is there an age limit for online booking? A5. No, there is no age limit for online booking. However, infants and toddlers do not require separate bookings if accompanied by their parents or guardians.


The Sabarimala Q online booking system is a valuable tool that ensures a convenient and orderly pilgrimage experience for devotees visiting the sacred Sabarimala temple. By embracing this user-friendly platform and adhering to the guidelines, devotees can focus on their spiritual journey and immerse themselves in the divine atmosphere of Sabarimala. Let us embrace technology and make our pilgrimage an experience to cherish forever.