TN Free Bicycle Scheme Apply Online [TN இலவச சைக்கிள் திட்டம்]

TN Free Bicycle Scheme | Tamil Nadu Cycle Scheme | TN Bicycle Scheme Apply Online

Tamil Nadu Government has launched the TN free bicycle scheme. We all know that India's poverty is at its highest peak. Many students are there who study in government school belongs from economically backward categories, relatively other students who are studying in private school. The Tamil Nadu government will provide a free bicycle to those students who are studying in a government school because of financial issues. In this article, we will share every information related to the free bicycle scheme Tamil Nadu. 

தமிழ்நாடு இலவச சைக்கிள் திட்டத்தை தமிழக அரசு அறிமுகப்படுத்தியுள்ளது. இந்தியாவின் வறுமை மிக உயர்ந்த உச்சத்தில் இருப்பதை நாம் அனைவரும் அறிவோம். அரசுப் பள்ளியில் படிக்கும் பல மாணவர்கள் பொருளாதார ரீதியாக பின்தங்கிய வகையைச் சேர்ந்தவர்கள், தனியார் பள்ளியில் படிக்கும் மற்ற மாணவர்கள். நிதிப் பிரச்சினைகள் காரணமாக அரசுப் பள்ளியில் படிக்கும் மாணவர்களுக்கு தமிழக அரசு இலவச சைக்கிள் வழங்கும். இந்த கட்டுரையில், தமிழ்நாடு இலவச சைக்கிள் திட்டம் தொடர்பான ஒவ்வொரு தகவலையும் பகிர்ந்து கொள்வோம்.

Tamil Nadu Free Bicycle Scheme [TN இலவச சைக்கிள் திட்டம்]

The Government of Tamil Nadu has introduced a free bicycle scheme for the year 2020-2021. The free bicycle will be awarded to all those students who are studying in the government or Government affiliated school of Tamil Nadu. Bicycle helps the student to come to school at the proper time. Many students who come to school from a long distance and do not have any transport facilities so that this scheme will very helpful for them.

Schemes of BC, MBC dept Supply of Free Bicycles All students (Boys and Girls) who are studying in plus1 standard in Government/Government aided /Partly aided schools are eligible to get free bicycle. Free bus pass holders are also eligible for the benefit under this scheme. The students staying in hostels located within the campus of School and residential Schools are not eligible.


Tamil Nadu's free bicycle scheme is especially for the economically backward category student who studies in the government school. There are many benefits of this Tamil Nadu free bicycle scheme such as the student will go to the school at the right time, especially those students who got late in the school due to improper transport facilities. The student can carry their bag on the bicycle easily and did not need to worry about any transport fee.

Scheme NameTN Free Bicycle Scheme Apply
DepartmentSchool Education Department
StateTamil Nadu
BeneficiariesBoys & Girls Students irrespective of category
Eligibility criteriaStudying in Class 11th (higher secondary)
Validity of SchemeFY 2019, 2020 & 2021
Started On2001-02


The government will provide a free bicycle to all those students studying in Government schools of the below the state of Tamil Nadu:

  • Chennai
  • Chengalpet
  • Kanchipuram
  • Vellore
  • Ranipet
  • Tirupattur
  • Villupuram
  • Kallakurichi
  • Tirunelveli
  • Tenkasi

Implementation of free bicycle scheme

The free bicycle scheme is to encourage female students to continue their studies. The CM late Jayalalitha introduced this scheme in 2001. Earlier the scheme was only for scheduled caste or scheduled tribe category students, but now this is scheme is available for all the students of the government school. The scheme is for the 11th standard student of government school of the Tamil Nadu State.

Eligibility Criteria

There are few eligibility criteria of this scheme, and those are:

  • The applicant must have their permanent resident in Tamil Nadu.
  • The student studying in the 11th standard are eligible.
  • Students studying in a government school or Government affiliated school.
  • The student who is staying in a hostel near the campus is not eligible.
  • Residential school students are also not eligible.
  • Free bus pass holders are also eligible for the benefit under this scheme.

How to apply for TN Free Bicycle scheme [தமிழ்நாடு இலவச சைக்கிள் திட்டத்திற்கு விண்ணப்பிப்பது எப்படி]

The government has launched this scheme for XI standard students off government school. The student who wants to get the benefit of this Yojana can check the application update in the official portal of this Yojana. We will also share every detail of the free bicycle Yojana in this portal. The application form is not available yet, but we will update you as soon as the state government releases the application form.

அரசு பள்ளியில் இருந்து லெவன் தர மாணவர்களுக்கு இந்த திட்டத்தை அரசு தொடங்கியுள்ளது. இந்த யோஜனாவின் பலனைப் பெற விரும்பும் மாணவர் இந்த யோஜனாவின் அதிகாரப்பூர்வ போர்ட்டலில் விண்ணப்ப புதுப்பிப்பை சரிபார்க்கலாம். இலவச சைக்கிள் யோஜனாவின் ஒவ்வொரு விவரத்தையும் இந்த போர்ட்டலில் பகிர்ந்து கொள்வோம். விண்ணப்ப படிவம் இன்னும் கிடைக்கவில்லை, ஆனால் மாநில அரசு விண்ணப்ப படிவத்தை வெளியிட்டவுடன் உங்களை புதுப்பிப்போம்.

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