UJALA Scheme or Free LED Bulbs Scheme

Prime Minister of India has introduced the Ujala scheme or Free LED bulbs in the first 2015 to promote efficient lighting in the country. The Ujala scheme stands for Unnat Jyoti to buy affordable LEDs for all the citizens of India. LED bulbs do not consume much electricity comparatively. Those ordinary bulbs and the Energy efficiency services limited implemented this scheme with the ministry of powers like PFC, NTPC, PowerGrid, etc. Yojana encourages citizens to use LED bulbs so that they can consume electricity. The government will distribute 20 Watts LED bulbs as well as BEE five star energy-efficient fans to all the customers. The regular tube light consumes the power of almost 40 watts, but these LED bulbs consume only 20 Watts. The people will get the tube lights in rupees 220 whose price is between Rs 400 to 600 in the market. The amount of energy-efficient fan is rupees 1200. This time save energy more than 30% of those ordinary fans. 

Features of UJALA schemes

The government will distribute two crores of LED bulbs in the next six years among the public customers.

  • The price of 9 Watts LED bulb is only Rs 85.
  • It helps to reduce the electricity bill.
  • It helps to add the security of energy in our country.
  • DISCOM, as well as EESL officers, is responsible for the distribution of LED bulbs among the citizens under this UJALA scheme.

UJALA scheme objective

There is some main objective for UJALA scheme, and those are:

  • Promote efficient lightning: the ordinary bulb which we use consumes lots of energy as they are energy inefficient. The government has introduced the UJALA scheme so that people can save electricity as these bulbs energy-efficient.
  • Spread awareness: it helps to increase awareness among people to use LED bulbs as well as tube lights the electrical energy.
  • Save energy: it helps to save the electric bill as well as electrical power.
  • Preserve the environment: it helps to preserve the environment because it consumes less power.

Ujala scheme target

  • Old lights replacement: the main target of this Yojana is to replace old lights into LED lights.
  • Energy consumption: the scheme is targeting to save electricity power is almost 105 bn kilowatts per hour.
  • Reduce the load of energy: the government expects to reduce the peak load of 20000 MW.
  • Emission of greenhouse gas: it will reduce greenhouse gas emissions up to 79 million tones of CO2.

How to get LED bulbs under UJALA scheme

If you want to get the Free LED bulbs, then you can get it from the Special counter said by the Indian government in every City.

  • The LED bulb is not available for sale in any of the shops or other locations.
  • The phase-wise of the City will do the LED bulb distribution.

The government will inform the availability of LED lights in the stores by the advertisement and posters.

Documents required for procurement of Free LED bulbs

The below documents will require during the purchase of LED bulbs:

  • Xerox of electricity bill
  • ID proof
  • Residential proof matching with the electricity bill
  • The consumer also needs to pay the amount of LED bulbs in the counter.
  • People can take 2 to 10 bulbs from the stores.

For more information, you can visit the Ujala Portal.

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