Krishak Durghatna Kalyan Yojana

The Uttar Pradesh State government introduces Mukhymantri Krishak Durghatna Kalyan Yojana or Farmer Accidental Yojana. This Yojana is mainly for the state's farmers as we all know the conditions of India's farmers. We all know that the farmer's circumstances are not right in our country. The government will provide the financial assistance of 5 lakh rupees to the family of dead and deceased farmers. Mr. Shrikant Sharma, the power ministry of Uttar Pradesh, has started this scheme. You will get Mukhymantri Krishak Durghatna Kalyan Yojana's details in this article, so read it carefully.

About Krishak Durghatna Kalyan Yojana

The UP government has started this scheme to provide benefits to farmers. Right now, there is accidental insurance for farmers. This scheme covers accidental insurance for UP farmers.

  • The name of this Yojana is Mukhyamantri Krishak Durghatna Kalyan Yojana
  •  Uttar Pradesh Government has started this scheme under the Shrikant Sharma, the power minister of Uttar Pradesh.
  • Farmers of UP is the beneficiary of this Yojana
  • The main objective of this scheme is to provide life compensation to the farmer family
1In case of Death or 100% Handicap100%
2Both hands, legs or eyes Lost100%
3One Hand and One Leg100%
4One hand or one leg or one eye50%
5permanent disability above 50%50%
6permanent disability above 25%25%

Benefits of the UP Krishak Durghatna Kalyan Yojana

The government has introduced this is not to give many benefits to the farmer's family, and those are:

  • The government will provide 5 lakh rupees to the dead and decrease farmer's families.
  • In the case of handicap, the farmer gets Rs 2 lakh compensation.
  • This scheme covers farmers and farmer's families from age of 18 to 70 years.
  • It will help to live a better life for the family of the farmer
  • The life compensation directly transfer into the farmer's family bank account

Required document for Farmer Accidental Yojana

Some of the relevant document which you need while the applications for UP Farmer Accidental Yojana are:

  • Birth certificate
  • Domicile certificate
  • Bank passbook
  • Nominee identity proof 
  • Ration card of nominee
  • Katoni Copy
  • Postpartum Copy
  • Death Certificate

Eligibility criteria

If you want to apply for the Mukhyamantri Krishak Durghatna Kalyan Yojana, you need to check the below eligibility criteria:

  • Farmers of the Uttar Pradesh can also use for this Yojana
  • The age of farmer as well as family members must be between 18 to 70 years
  • The farmer and family members must have domicile certificate
  • This scheme is only for those farmers who dies or become disabled due to some severe accident.

The application process of UP Krishak Durghatna Kalyan Yojna

Uttar Pradesh has introduced UP Farmer Accidental Yojana. You can download the Krishak Durghatna Kalyan Application form from the official website. So the beneficiary needs to fill the form within 45 days of the farmer's death. You can get an application form to the government hospital in your area. After filling the form, you need to submit the required documents to the concerned authorities. The amount transfers into the bank account after verification. The government does not launch any online process for this Yojana. As soon as the government starts the online process, we will update you on this portal.

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