Abhaya Hastham Telangana Women Pension and Insurance Scheme

The state government of Telangana has introduced the Abhaya Hastham Telangana scheme pension as well as an insurance scheme for the SHG women of Telangana. The Abhaya Hastham Telangana SCHEME was launch in November 2009. The main aim of this scheme is to provide security to all the old age women. Read the article carefully to know the details of the Abhaya Hastham Telangana.

Objective or purpose for the Abhaya Hastham Telangana Scheme

  • It gives financial support to the old age women.
  • Its main aim to provide security to the old age women of Telangana whose age is 65 years or above.
  • Besides pension, the women will also get the insurance scheme, which increases the benefits of the plan.

Eligibility criteria for Abhaya Hastham Telangana Scheme

  • Old age women from both rural and urban areas.
  • The member of SHG will contribute Rs 1 daily for the beneficiaries, and at the same time, the government will pay Rs 1 daily for the contributing member.
  • Must be an active SHG member and been a member for at least a year.
  • White card holder women are eligible for Abhaya Hastham Telangana.
  • SHG recommends the case of the applicant for the pension.
  • Age for the applicant for SHG members should not cross 60 years.

Benefits of Abhaya Hastham Telangana Scheme

  • The member of SHG is eligible for the Hastham Telangana SCHEME, and they will get a monthly pension of Rs 500 or above according to the fulfillment of conditions.
  • The member will get the payment according to the contribution years of a member of SHG.
  • The life insurance is also available for the SHG member, and all the SHG women whose ages between 18 to 59 are eligible for the coverage. The life insurance will cover the total amount of Rs 30,000 in a natural death case.
  • Amount of Rs 75000 in an accidental death case.
  • Rs 75000 in case of permanent disability.
  • Rs 37500 in case of partial disability.
  • The child of the victim will get Rs 1200 scholarship for their study up to intermediate and in ITI ( industrial technical institute).
  • One award for one family so, if the child of the victim is already getting LIC scholarship, then they will be not eligible for the award.

If the subscriber has died before the age of 59 years, then the earning and insurance will be transferred to the nominee of the victim. If the subscriber has died after the age of 60 years, then the remaining contribution will be transferred to the nominee.

Abhaya Hastham Telangana Documents Require

To apply for the scheme, the candidate must have the following documents:

  • White Ration card for validation for BPL.
  • Age validation document like a school certificate, ration card, etc.
  • documents of SGH Membership.

Abhaya Hastham Telangana Scheme Enrollment Process

if you want to apply for the scheme then you have to follow the below process:

  • VO (village Organisation) is responsible for registration for scheme.
  • SHG member has to visit the VO office.
  • Members must have all the required documents while registering for the scheme.
  • The documents submitted by the members will be verified by MS and the report of verification would be given to ZS.

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