SSO RAJASTHAN is an online portal of Rajasthan Government. It is designed to give all the online services through SSO Login Rajasthan. People can create their ID in Rajasthan SSO website and get all the facilities to offer by the Rajasthan government. In the article, we will discuss eligibility, services, etc. of Rajasthan SSO.

SSO Rajasthan Services 

Rajasthan single sign-on gives many facilities and services through an online portal of RSSO which is granted by the Rajasthan government. The people need to provide personal data to take all the functions of RSSO in the details, and the data entered by the people in the SSO portal are safe and secured.

So, the services given by the State government for this portal are Business registration, Bhamshah, Bank correspondence, Arm license, E-Mitra, E-Mitra reports, Attendance MIS, Building plan approval (BPAS), Challenge for change, GST home portal, Circuit House management system (CHMS), Drug control, drug control organization (DCO), e-Bajar, etc.

So, we have listed some of the services that can be avail by the people. Now we will discuss the eligibility criteria through which the people can sign in on Rajasthan SSO portal.

Rajasthan SSO Eligibility criteria

Government has set some eligibility criteria for the registration of Rajasthan SSOID to show the eligibility criteria are:

Domicile of Rajasthan: you need to be people of Rajasthan to sign in on Rajasthan SSO portal.

The business of Rajasthan or Udyog industries: If you have any business in Rajasthan then you can sign in on Rajasthan SSO portal.

All state government servants of Rajasthan can log-in on Rajasthan SSO portal.

Rajasthan SSO Documents required

There are many documents which you need while sign in SSO ID.

  • Bhamashah id card
  • Aadhar card
  • Google login credentials
  • Facebook login credentials
  • SIPF ID (for government employees)
  • BRN number (for Udyog)

Features of SSO portal

The many features given by the SSO portal some of them are

  • People can apply for the government job and can also check the status of the application through this portal.
  • People can check or verify their mobile bills, electricity bills water bills, etc. by using SSO ID.

SSO Login Rajasthan Registration procedure

If you want to sign in on SSO portal then you need to follow the below steps:

  1.  you need to go the official website of Rajasthan SSO portal.
  2. if you are a new applicant of SSO portal, then you have to register first on this.SSO Login Rajasthan
  3. After that, you can sign in the registration page will appear on three options. Citizen, Udyog and government employee You need to follow different steps for different options.

SSO Registration Process for Citizen

  • you need to click on the options citizen.
  • Now, you need to give one digital Identity from any of the five Identities that are Aadhar card, Twitter account, Facebook account, Google account, Bhamashah account, And a social identity proof that is issued by the government.SSO Rajasthan Citizen Register
  • Add the mobile number, which is linked with your Aadhar card.
  • So, after registration, you can sign in SSO portal through your login id and password.

Govt Employees SSO Rajasthan Register

If you are in the government sector of Rajasthan, then you need to follow the below steps:

  • Government employee needs to select government Rajasthan employees and need to enter digital ID as a government employee of Rajasthan.
  • After that,  you need to enter your SIPF number and password.
  • After registration, you can enter your SSO ID and password and can log in on this portal.

Registration for Udyog

You have to click on the option. After that, you need to enter the registration id of your business like BRN ID or Udyog Aadhar number. now, you can log in on the SSO portal by giving your password and id.

Rajasthan SSID helpdesk

You have any problem then you can contact the help desk of RAJSSO.

Email address:

Telephone number: 0141-5153 222, 01415123717

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