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UP Land Records or UP Bhulekh Khatauni has been recently digitized by the State Government of UP with help from NIC Centre. UP Bhulekh Khatauni is a document which is issued by state government to certify and ascertain a person’s right on piece of land.  For an individual farmer or individual, this document will be called Khatoni which will be ingrained in a Khasra.

So, if you want to break up a land record of a this is how the flow will happen.

  1. State – Particular state in this case it would Uttar Pradesh
  2. District – Districts within Uttar Pradesh
  3. Tehsil – Specific Tehsil with a district
  4. Khasra – Specific land record of within particular Tehsil
  5. Village – A village can have more than one Khasra or it can have Khasra which are common from another village
  6. Khatoni – Specific Land record for a farmer or group of farmers

Search UP Bhulekh/ Khatauni / Naksha or UP Land Records

Government of UP has digitized all UP land records within the state and it is available to everyone to see. You need to follow these steps:

  • First of all, Visit official website of UP Bhulekh: www.upbhulekh.gov.in 
  • Now you need to click topic which says “Khate ki Nakal Dekhe” on top, now you will get following window.
  • Select your Janpad/district – Now following window will appear.UP Land Records, UP bhulekh Khatauni
  • Select your Tehsil and Village
  • There are three options, Ghata Number, Khata Number or by name. We will show this search by name. If you are familiar with your Khata Number, feel free to try that method. Type Name of Person whose UP Bhulekh Khatauni you want to see –  Now select the name for your which you want to Uttar Pradesh Khatauni & click on button called “Udaharan Dekhe”.
  • Now after you have verified your UP Bhulekh Khatauni or UP Land Records – you can take print out of the same for your record & reference

Get certified or verified Copy of Khatauni in UP

There are three ways you get certified or verified copy of Khatauni or UP Land Records in UP:

  • You need to visit your Tehsil office and visit their Bhulekh department, they will help in certifying this copy or print out, so that this becomes official version
  • Visit your nearest or local Jan Suvidha Kendra/ LokVani Kendra and at a fee of INR 30 they can provide a certified copy of your Bhulekh Khatauni in Uttar Pradesh
  • Or  visit online Citizen Services by clicking on this link .

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